Saturday, February 13, 2010

Little Dunkaroo

The other day I taught Maribelle an essential life skill: how to dunk cookies in a glass of milk. I figured that 1 year old is as good a time as any for her to experience the wonderful deliciousness that is soggy graham crackers drenched in cold creamy milk. While I prefer to dip my cookies to the level where they might be considered  "slightly soft with a little bit of crunch," Belle prefers to proceed directly to the level of "so soggy it's almost complete mush in my hands." There was no throwing of the milk on the floor and plenty of repeated whines/moans/pointings for "more, more, more!" so I would say she has completely embraced cookies and milk as one of life's simple pleasures. However when she started giving her entire fist a bath in the glass of milk, we quickly brought this life experience to an end .... until next time.


1 comment:

erin said...

LOVE the photos! and milk and cookies should be introduced and mastered early on, so as to get lots of practice in!
you have a super adorable little girl.