Friday, February 19, 2010

Cool tricks, cool tricks!

These videos are especially for Uncle Joshua and Aunt Misty, who requested more footage of our crazy little girl and her crazy little personality. With every new silly thing she does, she becomes more and more like Jeremy, who has a pretty unforgettable personality himself (i.e. he can be loud, hilarious, quirky and amazingly charming all at the same time). So here you go ... some videos of her latest tricks, or at least the ones we are able to catch on film.

This first clip is of Maribelle singing, which she does very loud and proud and always in the same key.

Here's Maribelle doing "sleepy baby," telling us how old she is and doing what looks like levitating but is actually one of her first attempts to stand all by herself.

These next few clips were taken just yesterday and capture her recent explosion of gross motor skills. Our typically very cautious and wary-of-doing-anything-out-of-her-comfort-zone baby is suddenly interested in standing by herself, crawling up steps and even taking a few unassisted steps of her own. Just in the past week, she's started crawling (yes! I caught our non-crawling baby CRAWLING! But unfortunately not on video), pulling up in her crib, and transitioning from her tummy to standing. Needless to say I'm extremely relieved that her gross motor skills are finally catching up, and I'm even more convinced that this little girl is insistent on instilling in me the patience that I just don't have for these sorts of things.

Taking a few unassisted steps:

Crawling up the step in our family room:

Standing by herself and just plain being silly:


Keith and Julie said...

Gina, you certainly have the patience for this little determined pioneer. What fun videos!- Julie

saradgoldberg said...

She is amazing! Good problem solving too.