Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baubles and Boredom


You know things are bad when A) I let Maribelle play with my jewelry (only the drawer of cheapo fun jewelry. The sparkly pretties were all out of reach, because this little girl has a thing for bling), and 2) I make a chocolate cake in a mug ... in the microwave (and I do NOT recommend doing that, unless you want a stomach ache). Yep, Mama's getting some serious cabin fever, as we were dealt ANOTHER 16-20 inches today (really, whose counting at this point?). This year is going down as Maryland's snowiest winter ever, and work has been canceled the past four days. I've been trying to keep busy, and Lord knows I have a million things to do at home, but for some reason I hit a wall today and was so bored that I couldn't even function. And I think Miss Maribelle was feeling the same way. So we both just kinda moped while a full-on blizzard swirled around us, right outside our windows. I'm determined to get her out of the house tomorrow, even if its for another rumpus in the snow (or on the sidewalks ... the snow is scary deep, so no rumpusing will occur on top of the towering mounds).  And I'll be keeping an eye out for these things, which are popping up EVERYWHERE as the snow continues to melt and freeze ...

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