Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We Loved

A few years after Jeremy and I met, we started the Valentine's Day tradition of making and exchanging homemade valentine's with one another. And although it's getting harder and harder to find the time to make these little works of art, the end product is always well worth the effort.  And now, we have a pretty cool collection of homemade valentine's and love letters to document our time together.

But this year's valentine from Jeremy and Maribelle? One of my favorite's by far ....

So sweet and so creative! He traced his hand and Maribelle's hand, and manipulated the paper into the sign for "I love you," which is something Maribelle has been signing for a long time now. Although she can just as easily say "I love you", it's become her "thing" to flash that sweet little sign, and it just makes our heart melt everytime she does it.

My card to Jeremy wasn't as creative, but filled with just as much love nonetheless. (Hey, I get a pass! I've been working hard on school work!) The inside of the card even featured a little lift-the-flap action, as well.

Maribelle tried her hand at our tradition this year, and she made Jeremy a one-of-a-kind painted frame for one of his favorite photos.

After we exchanged gifts on Sunday morning, we headed out to lunch, where Maribelle got her first experience with chopsticks. And she was a pro! She picked the chopsticks right up and starting eating like she had done it a million times. Of course she had her own method, but she managed to get food into her mouth, and that's what counts, right?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Maribelle on Ohdeedoh

It's a bit late, but we see no harm in celebrating Maribelle's birthday for an entire month. Check out Maribelle's birthday shout-out on one of my favorite design blogs devoted to all things kids, Ohdeedoh. Click on the link to follow through to the site!