Monday, February 15, 2010

Be My Valentine

Normally I could care less about Valentine's Day. In the 12 years that Jeremy and I have been together, we've never done much to mark the occasion. Some years we would give each other homemade cards (my favorite!), and in other years I would cook a fancy breakfast. But there's something about the craziness of life that comes with caring for another little human that makes holidays like Valentine's Day seem so much more worth noting. So we celebrated this year, and I can't tell you how much I was looking forward to it. Like really looking forward to it. Jeremy and I have been so busy putting all our love and attention into our little babe, that, well, we've been kind of passing like ships in the night (totally cliche, but honestly, the truth). So Valentine's Day gave us an excuse to get back on track and go on a true, bonafide date -- one of the few we've been on since Maribelle was born. Thanks to my mom and dad we were actually able to go on TWO date nights, back to back. We went to see a movie on Saturday (can't tell you enough how awesome "Avatar" is in 3D ... run right now to your nearest theater and see it) and out to dinner at a French restaurant on Sunday. We bought Belle some special little gifts (blocks, socks, hair bows and coloring books), and Jeremy received a new stash of plaid shirts and a homemade Valentine from moi. I, however, was spoiled rotten by Jeremy: he surprised me with flowers at work on Friday and an entirely new head-to-toe outfit (jewelry included!) picked out by the man himself, which I wore to dinner on Sunday. It was such a great weekend, being surrounded by all my favorite valentines and spreading the love in so many different ways. 

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Kristin said...

You looked just beautiful!! And bambinos are the best Valentine gifts of all aren't they?