Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Morning

Ever since I was a kid, its been a rule in our house that no one is allowed to go downstairs to see what Santa has left under the tree until everyone is awake and able to share in that moment together. So my three sisters and I would wake early in the morning, congregate at the top of the steps in our newly-christened Christmas Eve pajamas, and wait for my mom to emerge from her room so that we can all parade down the steps together. My dad has always been the one person in the house who doesn't have to abide by this rule, because he has the important job of turning on Christmas music and giving us the "thumbs up" sign for us to process down the stairs. I'm sure we have years of these moments captured on video, because he would always be there at the bottom of the steps with a camera rolling.

This year was a tad different, in that all of us girls were up and ready to parade downstairs by 8 a.m., only to be delayed by a sleeping toddler who decided to snooze until 8:45. So to pass the time, the four of us piled into one of our bedrooms, munched on M&Ms that Tara had stashed under her bed (no joke) and made a bit more noise than we usually would on any other morning that Belle decided to sleep in.

Finally, all the ladies of the house were awake, and we shared the moment together as we have for so many years. Jeremy joined the ranks of my dad this year and caught Maribelle's reaction on tape. It's pretty much adorable and melts my heart that another generation of our family is starting to enjoy the same traditions that we've experienced throughout our childhood.

Christmas Morning 2010 from Gina Moorhead on Vimeo.

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