Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh Christmas tree(s)

One of my favorite parts about the holidays are the lights and the decorations. There's nothing like curling up on the couch at night with a mug full of hot chocolate and a super cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie while lights, candles and other various sparkly things twinkle all around you. It's so peaceful, so relaxing and just so pretty. And boy, do we have decorations. We have been blessed with some pretty spacious storage areas in our small townhouse, but I can assure you most of those spaces are packed full with Christmas decor. A great deal of it has been passed down to us by Mr. Christmas himself, my dad, who has an entire (very large) room in his basement dedicated to storing all of his holiday decor. You can say that I've inherited the decorating gene, because if it were up to me, every room in our house would have a tree, including our bathrooms. Fortunately Jeremy is a bit more moderate in his approach to Christmas decor, so he's able to reign me in. So since we put all the effort into decorating, I thought I'd share with you some photos of our Christmas trees.

Let's start in the family room, with our main tree.

What's that you say? There's an entire section of the tree that's not lit??? Hmmm, I hadn't noticed. 

Actually, the truth is, our tree EATS LIGHTS. True story. We've gone through three new strands of lights this year trying to fix the problem, and we've officially thrown in the towel. The good thing? I think I've convinced Jeremy to get a real, live tree next year to avoid all these pre-lit tree problems. SCORE!

You know those trees that are color coordinated from top to bottom and look like they belong on display in a department store? That's just not my style, at least for our main tree. I love the personality of a tree with mixed ornaments that have been collected over the years. Each one recalls a memory, either of the person who gifted the ornament, or the year/time when the ornament was purchased or received. It makes decorating our tree every year a truly special occasion.

This tree is in our dining room area, and definitely has a more coordinated feel. I like to think of this as our Dr. Suess tree. I just love the colors of the bulbs and the old-school vintage tree topper.

And the tree I'm most excited about this year is the one in Maribelle's room. I grew up having my own tree in my room, and I couldn't wait to pass along the tradition. Belle's tree is pink and sparkly and ultra girly -- a far cry from the tabletop tree I had as a kid. Her tree is decorated with vintage (durable) bird ornaments, white sparkly feathers and is topped with a white dove. It has such a beautiful soft glow at night, and I just love sitting in her dark room while gazing at the tree.


lena said...

I love her tree. What a great idea to have a tree in her room, might need to steal that one!

Kristin said...

We got a little mini green tree for the dude. My mama always had trees in our rooms too!