Thursday, December 9, 2010

Choosey chooser

A few weeks ago we took Maribelle on our traditional trip to pick out a Christmas ornament at a place called Valley View Farms. Last year I wrote about how this momentous occasion resulted in her choosing a $5 box of German smoker cones, and I had fears that she would somehow be magnetically drawn to them again this year. Fortunately we DID mosey home with an actual ornament, but of course, it wasn't a quick or easy decision. In fact, it took an hour -- an hour of picking up an ornament, and then putting it back .... and then picking up an ornament, and putting it back. The task of pulling an ornament off of a display hook and carefully placing it back on was more of an attraction to her than the satisfaction of taking home one of the shiny baubles. I've said many times how I love that she's at the age where she doesn't want every single thing that she sees in the stores, but in this situation, it made for a LONG selection process.

Here's a brief reenactment:

Ohhhh, look at THESE pretty ornaments! So shiny! So breakable!

Hmmm, let's see here ... which one should I choose, which one should I choose ....

Ohhh, how about this pink and girly ballerina/princess one!

Or should I go with the fierce and tough crocodile? Chomp, chomp ....

Oh and look Mommy, what do you think of these fancy bird ornaments?? So sophisticated!

Hey guys, have you ever heard of these Silly Bands things? They might look really good on our tree. And you get like 10 in a pack!

No, no, that's just silly. Let me look around some more. Daddy, can you help me find an ornament??

And so, she eventually settled on her 2010 ornament: a pineapple-wielding weiner dog that looks as if it's heading for a retirement cruise to the bahamas. PERFECT!

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