Saturday, January 8, 2011

TWO soon!!

We finally got some updated professional photos taken of Maribelle in anticipation of her SECOND birthday next week (is Picture People professional? I have my doubts, but whatevs.)

I'm completely in denial that our little bean is turning 2 in under a week.

Amazing! Mind blowing, I tell ya.

We're pretty happy with the pictures (the ones of the black and white background below are my fave!), although I still have dreams of one day hiring a super modern, creative, magazine-like photographer to shoot some stuff of Maribelle and our little family. I've been pining for the opportunity (and moula) to do so for, ohhhhh, two years now. However, their prices? Much different from the chump change that Picture People charges. So until we win the lotto (or uncover some "rusty gold" that's worth lots of money, like they do on my new favorite show "American Pickers"), we'll be sticking with Picture People (and now we're club members. Hooray! .... I think).

This year's birthday festivities won't be a repeat of last year's blowout of a party. On her actual birthday on Thursday, we're having playgroup at our house for her two little friends to enjoy cupcakes and playdough, and weekend celebrations will include a low-key birthday dinner with family. We're aiming for a classic birthday party this year -- no themes, just balloons, cake, ice cream and fun!


lena said...

Love these! She's totally rockin that side pony.

Mandy said...

Contact Amanda at She won't leave you poor, but she puts some other professionals to shame (to shame, I say!). She's also got two little girls, so you can mommy-chat :)