Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vacay Nugget #4: Virginia Legends

We introduced Maribelle to two legends while we were on vacation. Two "Virginia Legends," to be exact -- none other than Miss Ella Fitzgerald and Miss Patsy Cline. How is that possible, you ask?! (Because unlike one of my sisters, who is old enough to know better, you realize that both women in fact died years ago and do not perform on the streets of Virginia Beach in their spare time.) Lucky for us, two impersonators performed nightly across the street from our condo, and we took Maribelle to enjoy their musical throwbacks during a few of the performances. We captured a mini dance performance on behalf of the Little Miss, who was enjoying the scat singing of Ella Fitzgerald.

Untitled from Gina Moorhead on Vimeo.

Yes, these vacay nuggets have been taking way longer to report than the vacation itself. I think there is only one more to post, so hang in there and we'll return to blogging about things that didn't happen three weeks ago!

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