Friday, August 6, 2010

Vacay Nugget #3: I want to ride my bicycle

We experienced quite the range of weather while we were on vacation. We arrived to Virginia Beach in the midst of a 100+ degree heat wave with temps reaching 105 and 109, and ended the week with a windy, breezy day that had us wearing sweatshirts by night fall. We also experienced one of the scariest tornado warnings I've ever been through, complete with a mad dash from our 10th floor condo to the 1st-floor stairwell, where we were joined by numerous other families who had small children in their party. Luckily a tornado never touched down, but it was bad enough that my stomach was nauseous with anxiety the rest of the night (bad enough to forgo ice cream for the night? Pssshhh! As if!).

On a particularly cloudy afternoon, a group of us took what ended up being a 20-mile bike ride to explore First Landing State Park. (I say that as if 20-mile bike rides are the norm around here, but for real, it's the most exercise I've had in months). The path itself was uneventful until we reached a swamp area that I believe is the nesting ground for Baby Swamp Things. I swear. We heard them croaking under the thick, murky waters.

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