Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vacay Nugget #2: Water, water everywhere

Last summer Maribelle spent all of 15 minutes at the beach during our vacation, but seemed to love the clear blue chlorinated waters of the pool, thanks to her nifty inflatable flotation device.

This year? Not so much. In fact, I'm not sure she's quite made up her mind about whether she prefers the pool or the ocean best. We spent most of our time shuffling back and forth between the two until she would say "Done!" about five minutes after we got to our destination. She lasted maybe 20 minutes in the pool if I was holding her and literally doing water aerobics around and around in circles to keep her moving. This girl does NOT like to be restrained in the least and therefore hated that she was held captive in the water (control issues? possibly). However she fared a little better at the beach and enjoyed "drawing" in the sand (always demanding "Brobee?! Brobee?!") and letting the water rush over her feet and ankles. She was definitely not a fan of sandy feet and would exclaim "Dirty!" whenever she felt the sand on her toes. Which is too bad, because I'm pretty sure that sandy baby toes are my absolute favorite part of going to the beach.

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