Sunday, March 7, 2010

We've Only Just Begun

There are so many moments when I pause and stare in amazement at our little girl. Whether it be out of sheer amazement at how smart and clever she can be, out of awe at how toddler-like she all of a sudden has become, or out of pure glowing, overflowing love and thankfulness for the little blessing that she is in our lives, it's those sort of moments that just can't be captured with a camera. I try so hard to etch these perfect little scenes somewhere in my mind in an attempt to preserve this magical time that some days just seems to be careening past our very eyes. To go from a little helpless peanut of a baby to an increasingly independent and comprehending toddler in the short span of a year is no less than mind blowing, especially when we consider that we've only just begun to meet the Little Lady that she will one day become. Parenthood is truly the journey of a lifetime.

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janimal said...

She is gorgeous. And I can relate to exactly how you feel. Awesome journey!
((And...Delilah has the same pajamas and the same Laugh n Learn kitchen. Your pictures look like some of mine!))