Thursday, March 4, 2010


As a photojournalist, Jeremy has a pretty cool job, even though he spends long hours at work, is essentially on-call for breaking news 24 hours a day and has to work Saturdays. He gets to meet famous people, travel to places near and far (don't even get him started on his jaunt to India and the "Dehli belly" he came home with) and gain access to some pretty fascinating places in Washington, D.C. One of those places is the Capitol Building, which we toured earlier this week with Jeremy's media pass. We got to see all the off-the-beaten-path places that the general public doesn't get to see, and we tried to mix in seemlessly with all the suits, ties and Senators (yeah right ... nothing like an adorable baby squealing "hi!!!!" to everyone she sees to help us blend into the background). We also spent some time in the National Botanical Gardens looking at all the gorgeous orchids and keeping Maribelle from bathing in the various streams and waterfalls. That girl is DRAWN to water, I tell ya!

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