Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hot on the Easter trail

 Someone came across her Easter basket today ... early.

I put together her basket last night and set it on a chair tucked under our dining room table, thinking it was in a corner of our house that is usually of no interest to her. But as she was dawdling around our house this morning, just "Dadadada"-ing away, she all of a sudden got really, really quiet. And this is where we found her, riffling through the contents of her Easter goodies.

Obviously we have to step up our game when it comes to these holiday shenanigans, because we have one smart cookie on our hands (either that, or she's got a knack for sniffing out a box of Peeps).


Kristin said...

My little man totally already found his goodies at my Mom's house!

Julie said...

Oh..I love the way she's looking at her bunny!! Like she's meeting a new friend! So cute. That's one smart little chicky!

erin said...

haha the little sneak! i would have thought you would have had more time before true hiding needed to commence! better watch out for that one!
maybe you could re-basket it, and she won't know? i like to use that trick.

Brittany Michelle said...

Little kids are so adorable at that age and are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

She will probably forget whats in it by Easter.

<3 Brittany Michelle