Sunday, March 28, 2010

Merrily we stroll along

Pardon the lapse in documentation, but I seem to have completely ignored the fact that our Baby Bean is in deed a true bonafide walker these days! I've written about the most mundane of things on this blog, but of course, I totally overlook the moment that all parents wait for, especially this Momma, who was freaking out for months because our Baby Bean never crawled. But wouldn't you know that she ends up deciding to crawl and walk within days of one another. That happened about three or four weeks ago, somewhere during her 13 month.

So without further adieu, here is a little clip of Maribelle taking a stroll. She's not the most graceful of walkers yet, but her baby legs get more and more stable with every passing day. And she is just so much happier now that she can go wherever she wants, whenever she wants. And the crawling thing? LOVES it. Although I spent large chunks of time reading articles about how crawling isn't even considered a developmental milestone, I'm so relieved to see her putting her hands and knees to good use. But this whole unlimited mobility thing has been both a blessing and a curse, because now there is no settling this little girl's desire to be free and move about. Which means diaper changes and convincing our little worm to lay on her back for 15 seconds is virtually IMPOSSIBLE these days!


lena said...

What a great video. She's getting so big!

lauren said...

so adorable

emily bilbrey said...

such a sweetie! and i'm SO GLAD i'm not the only one with a kid who flatly refused to crawl! (-; miss poppy took to crawling about 2 weeks ago - during the same week she learn to walk (@ 11 months old.) it's so fun to watch her become a total mobility machine - although she still doesn't love the crawling; she whines while she does it! funny kids. that maribelle is just the cutest! congrats on your walking babe!