Friday, October 23, 2009

Zoo Boo

I've decided that we're totally going to be the type of parents who chaperone every one of Maribelle's school field trips. Hopefully Maribelle's cool with that, cause really, she has no choice.

Today we went with Maribelle's daycare to Zoo Boo at the Maryland Zoo. Belle got all outfitted in her bumblebee costume and got to check out some animals, and I did a little trick-or-treating on her behalf. With five kids and eight parents in tow, we didn't get to see a whole lot of the zoo, but the kids didn't care. They just loved prancing around in their costumes.

And on a side note, I wanted to post a picture of Maribelle's new obsession -- this activity table that our friends Sara and Josh are letting us borrow.

Maribelle LOVES playing with this thing and won't even let us walk by it without protesting for us to put her down so she can play with it. It has all kinds of buttons and knobs, plays music and has flashing lights. She can spend an eternity just standing next to it and playing with all the gadgets. This smile pretty much sums up how she feels about her new toy:


saradgoldberg said...

We're so glad she likes it! Adorable.

Kelly said...

Gina! That last picture is so wonderful! I love her!