Thursday, October 8, 2009

Texas Travels

It's time for a recap of Texas, in pictures ...

For her first plane ride, Maribelle was such a good baby, even with all the congestion and teething pain she was experiencing. She flirted with all the passengers around us and entertained anyone who would give her a smile in return. Oh, our little social butterfly ...

We based most of our days around Maribelle's nap schedule, so we didn't stray far from our hotel in Forth Worth. Our favorite place, by far, was the Botanical Gardens, especially the Japanese Gardens and their amazing Koi fish pond. Man, were those fish HUGE and HUNGRY! We made two or three trips to the area just to take in the beautiful surroundings. I think I could have watched the fish swim around for hours.

We also spent an afternoon at the Fort Worth Stockyards, where we browsed the various shops (and totally dreamed of buying some proper Texas boots), ate some tasty Texas grub and met up with Grandma and Grandpa M, Aunt Myriah and (Great) Aunt Barb to watch the cattle drive of longhorns.

Then it was time for the main event: Josh and Misty's wedding festivities! They had a perfect day with a beautiful ceremony and reception, and Jeremy was honored to serve as best man to his brother. In typical Jeremy fashion, he gave an entertaining toast to the new husband and wife that had everyone laughing. And although it was a crazy long day for Maribelle, a quick catnap during the reception was all she needed to keep her partying through the night.

A week later, we're still trying to get Maribelle back on schedule with her napping, eating and sleeping, but that hasn't stopped us from daydreaming about our next trip with Baby Bells!

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