Monday, January 17, 2011

Birthday weekend

Birthday weekend 2.0 is officially in the books, my friends! Maribelle had a colorful and fun birthday, celebrating with both friends and family alike.

Her actual birthday was spent with a few of her best play friends, doing what kids do best --- snacking and playing. I made sure the house looked "festive" for when Maribelle came downstairs on her birthday, and we provided homemade playdough and various toys and balloons to keep her birthday guests entertained. And the homemade playdough? So easy! I highly recommend checking out a recipe and giving it a try. Maribelle loved kneading the dough while we were making it and she loved mixing in tons and tons of glitter. Providing the playdough not only gave the kids something to play with, but it served as a party favor, too!

So here's the crew: Maribelle, Ruby and Brandon. Brandon's brother, Travis, was also in attendance. We loaded them up with grapes so we could snap the group shot below, but trust me, once the sugar from the cupcakes hit their veins, they turned into little tornados and put the punching balloons that we provided to good use. 

A few days later, we continued the festivities with a birthday brunch, made even more special because Grandma and Grandpa Moorhead were in town to help celebrate. Jeremy made two delicious frittatas and an arugula and goat cheese salad, and I made a banana layer cake with cream cheese frosting for the birthday girl. I also got to test out one of my Christmas gifts and made a punch that I dubbed "Razzle Dazzle Birthday Punch" in our new drink dispenser (which is sure to make a regular appearance at our future birthday parties). Maribelle got some very cool and generous gifts, from people near and far, and it's weekends like these that remind us just how lucky we are for all the friends and family in our lives. Thank you to everyone for making Maribelle's day so special!

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