Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Put me in coach

Jeremy has big plans for Maribelle to become a lacrosse player. Nevermind that neither of us have ever played the sport and don't know the first thing about its rules or strategy. It just sounds cool and can guarantee you a college scholarship around here if you're any good.

However if Grandpa A. has any say in the matter, Maribelle will be wielding a glove and batting cleanup. Softball runs in Amero blood, as all four of us girls have spent the greater part of our youths on the softball field. I started as a six-year-old Little League mushball player and played through my senior year, spending time behind the plate as catcher and in the field at first base. My dad has been coaching softball ever since I can remember and is going on 25 years at the helm of countless (let me repeat, COUNTLESS) softball teams. This weekend, Maribelle got her first taste of the Amero tradition as one of Grandpa's teams played a college showcase here in Maryland. And of course, it was a family affair as Aunt Tara saw action from second base, and Aunt Laura called pitches from the sidelines.

With her long legs and fiesty attitude, all bets are on Maribelle playing short-stop. Or, maybe just becoming a ballerina.

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