Thursday, July 8, 2010

Road Trippin

I'm not the most spontaneous of people. In fact, I hate surprises, and the idea of doing things on a whim  just makes my stomach swim with anxiety. Because honestly? I need time to mentally prepare myself and to research something to death before I jump head first into it. Vacations, major purchases, even new restaurants and movies -- all need to be looked into (and a million reviews need to be read!) before I will even consider tackling them. However Jeremy? Not so much. He's so much more laid back, carefree and spur-of-the-moment than I ever will be. And actually, it's what I totally fell in love with when I first met him, and I'm so, so grateful that it's still apart of who he is. It was his sense of spontaneity that led us to have the amazing, relaxing and totally re-energizing Fourth of July weekend that we enjoyed at Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland. Plans were made, suitcases were packed and Momma was mentally prepared all within 24 hours of arriving at the cabin. And for me? That's living on the edge.

And since we haven't posted much in the way of video lately, Jeremy whipped together a little something documenting our Deep Creek experience. And if nothing else, enjoy the song ... it's one of our summer faves at the moment.

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lena said...

Love the video, looks like you had a great time!