Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Snow

We got our first taste of winter today, so Maribelle and I spent the day indoors watching the fat flakes fall and enjoying cheesy Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel. However we've been anything but lazy! For most of the day we've been working on pulling up and TRYING to get this little girl to crawl (so ok, I take back the "we" part. Maybe I'm the only one who had a lazy day. Maribelle worked pretty darn hard!). It's just not happening, folks. This crawling stuff? She just doesn't want to do it. She gets so frustrated and miserable. I actually think she might figure out how to get into a sitting position from her tummy before she even figures out crawling. Or she may ditch the whole crawling thing and hold out for walking. Oh this little girl. How she has a mind of her own.

So when Daddy came home from work, Maribelle demonstrated her pulling up abilities. And of course she chooses to use his guitar as the perfect object to pull up on. She's such a daddy's girl.

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