Tuesday, December 15, 2009

11 Months

Yep, I got the girl a tutu. All the cool 11-month-olds are doing it, so we had to follow suit. I've kicked birthday party planning into high gear these days, and I can't believe her party is only a little more than a week away (we're celebrating early over the holidays even though her birthday isn't until January 13th).

We're doing it big for our Little Biggie Smallz and her first birthday, cause, ya know, we have lots to celebrate now that we have this crazy girl in our life. I went with a Dr. Seuss theme, even though she's a bit indifferent about all those silly stories at this point in her life. But he's fun, ya know? And months ago Target had a bunch of Dr. Seuss-themed items in the $1 Spot, so, that kinda worked for me. (If you're planning on coming to the party, don't forget to RSVP!)

I really can't believe we're going to have a 1-year-old soon. I look at her every day and can't believe she's ours. I am so in love with this little girl and just get can't enough of her. I'm always amazed by how much I miss her the minute I leave her ... even at night, minutes after I've put her down to bed, I often want to run back in her room just to scoop her up and bury my face in her loveliness. I pray a million times a day that nothing bad ever happens to her and that she experiences all the happiness that life has to offer. Having a child is so much more than I could have ever expected it to be. Mom and Dad -- I totally get it now. Totally.

Last month I skipped over her 10-month update (bad mommy!), so here's a long overdue 11 month update:

* I'm always fascinated by what this little girl will eat, so I thought I'd list some of the more interesting food preferences she's developed. Our Little Miss loves to chow down on pickles, blueberries, shrimp/cod/salmon, and scrambled eggs. And like a good little Italian girl she also loves meatballs, bolognese and pasta fagioli. Really, she'll eat anything at this point, and the more seasoned it is, the better! This girl loves her some spices!

* She has three teeth right now (the two bottom front and one to the left of where her top front teeth will be), and it looks like she's cutting at least one or two more on top.

* She's wearing 9-12month clothing and size 3 diapers.

* She cruises everywhere, and she's fast! Of course with the whole no-crawling thing, we have to place her somewhere initially, but then she takes off. She's doing a lot of pulling up now, and loves to walk with her little push toy. Her favorite destination? To our television and stereo, where she turns the power buttons on and off for-ev-er.

* This girl's got skillz!! She knows so many tricks and amazes us every day with something new. Some of her impressive feats include throwing a small tennis ball for the dogs to go fetch (seriously, this is the best one!), brushing her hair and mommy's hair, raising her arms in the air when we say "Sooo big!!", saying "ho-ho" every time she sees a Santa Claus (and she's amazingly good at spotting them!), putting her head down when we say "sleeeeeepy babyyy," and waving to the dogs and saying "hiiii" to them whenever we walk through the front door. Overall, she is such an observant baby and loves to entertain a crowd.

* She's finally sleeping through the night (cue the chorus of angels singing, please!). She actually started sleeping through the night about two months ago, when she figured out that it feels oh-so good to sleep on her tummy. Oh, and we started letting her sleep with a pacifier at that point too. Things all sort of fell into place, and she just one day started sleeping 12 hours a night. And now I stay up later and later and still don't get enough sleep. It's crazy how that works!

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