Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back it Up

Our house is currently overflowing with over-sized boxes of toys and four-foot tall gift bags filled to the brim with new toddler clothes, so that can only mean one thing ... Maribelle had a very eventful and exciting first Christmas, and an equally as exciting first birthday celebration. Our Ohio holiday extravaganza officially came to an end yesterday, and now I'm trying to get our house back in order before all the clutter gives me an anxiety attack. This could take weeks, people. WEEKS!

So much to recap, so let's back it up and start with a few pre-Christmas photos.

Maribelle and Jeremy attended my work Christmas party, where the Little Belle charmed my coworkers and had a MUCH better experience with Mr. Claus. In fact, she L-O-V-E-D him. The minute he entered the room, she started dancing and squealing. She even had ants in her pants the entire time we waited in line for her to sit on his lap. This girl needed her a "ho-ho" fix!

After the party, we ventured downtown to show Belle the Capitol Christmas tree. It was cold and blustery, but this little girl is a trooper when it comes to all things shiny and bright.

A few days later, Maribelle's trial run of Christmas morning came when the three of us celebrated Christmas early as a family in Maryland. As I expected, Maribelle wasn't very interested in pulling off the wrapping paper, so needless to say I've been opening TONS of presents this holiday. We bought her a Little People toy set, a small Cabbage Patch doll, a My Little Pony, a shape sorter and an assortment of butt cremes, bath products and pacifiers. She was actually a pretty big fan of the Desitin. Such a practical little girl.

Jeremy bought me a personalized Ravens t-shirt so I can fit in at the grocery store on game days when everyone (in their Baltimore accents) is buzzing about the Ravens and sporting purple and black. And yes, that is an Edward Cullen/Twilight pillowcase you see on the arm seat of our couch. Don't judge.

Ok, enough for now. Christmas Eve and Christmas day photos to come, as well as a recap of the first birthday bash. I'm off to sort through one more pile of Christmas gifts. Or at least move a pile to another spot in the house to make it look like I've gone through it.

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