Friday, January 2, 2009

Showering Baby M

33 weeks

In between the Christmas and New Year's holiday, Grandma A and Grandma M hosted a beautiful baby shower for about 60 guests at our local library's meeting room. We all enjoyed delicious food (and awesome cake!), the warm company of friends and family, and, thanks to Jeremy and a handy-dandy microphone, an entertaining hour's worth of gift opening. Everyone was so generous and showered us and Baby M with a mountain of baby gifts and books, which were brought in lieu of cards. Both Jeremy and I are so appreciative to everyone who took time out of their busy holiday schedules to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby M. We have so many beautiful clothes, toys, and other baby items filling our house, and now we're just anxiously waiting for Baby M to come along and put them to good use!

Here are a few photos from the shower:

Baby M's future aunts, grandma and great-grandma on my side of the family.

Some of the guests in attendance.

The favors, on which Great-Grandma A featured her poetic prose.


Sisters and cousins kept things moving at the gift table.

Always the entertainer, Jeremy provided great commentary throughout the gift opening.

Grandpa and Grandpa M were among those who got to experience Jeremy's emceeing abilities.

We got loads of thoughtful and beautiful gifts ...

... and a wide array of books for Baby M to enjoy. We're thinking this one will be a favorite :)

It was quite a feat getting all this stuff home in our little Toyota Prius, but we managed to fill it to the brim with all the necessities that we need right away. The rest will be escorted by our parents once they come for Baby M's arrival. We're slowly washing and sorting all the baby gear and will post pictures of the nursery soon. With only six more weeks to go until my due date, time is flying by!!

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