Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome Home, Maribelle!

Today marks Maribelle Rose's two-week birthday and her much-anticipated first day at home with us! To celebrate, Jeremy compiled a video for all to enjoy!


Sara said...

What a great video. She looks wonderful and very happy to be home! Congratulations and enjoy!

curlykatrina1 said...

I love it!! I love how she responds to Jeremy's voice!! It must have been all the prenatal singing!! So happy she is home. Love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

what a doll! tizzy and i picked up something for maribelle. when you get a chance (you know, in all that free time you have now ;) ), could you e-mail me your address? thanks and congrats!!!


misty_odom said...

Gina and Jeremy,
She is such a beautiful baby. I am so excitted to meet her. Joshua and I decided we can not wait until April 1st. We want to come on a weekend or on my next 4 day available. Of course we will clear it with you guys first. I can not wait to give her a hug and kiss. You two make such wonderful parents.