Saturday, May 22, 2010

The moment I've been waiting for

Forget all the major developmental milestones. There are a few things I've been itching for Maribelle to partake in, well, since the day she was born, and today, we crossed two of them off the list.

Today, a bow actually stayed put in her fine, silky locks for more than two seconds. In fact, the bow stayed perched upon her marvelous melon for probably close to two hours. It neither fell out nor was it ripped out (I kept telling her "It's pretty! It's pretty!" and I think her girl instincts are finally telling her that that's a good thing). This development (and personal milestone set by moi) now means I will be torturing her little noggin with bows, on the daily.

And also? Our little dear has entered the world of sidewalk chalk, and I couldn't be more proud (and excited!). It's the quintessential fair-weather form of entertainment for kids the world 'round (totally made that up), and I've been wanting to buy her a big old bucket now for months. I didn't think she would have much of an interest in it, but when our daycare provider told us that Maribelle took a real liking to some that she had on hand for the kids, I ran right out to buy some. And she's quite the artist!

And just so you don't think all these superficial "milestones" are the only achievements I encourage our little girl to strive for, here's a video of our little smartypants identifying a few of her favorite body parts.

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lena said...

Jealous! I cannot wait for my girls hair to be long enough for a little bow. That shot of Maribelle about to chomp on the chalk made my day, so cute!