Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Best Job Ever

Being a mom is the coolest thing I've done to date. It totally trumps my part-time job as a graphic designer/copy editor and doesn't even come close to jobs I've held in the past -- selling pagers? brewing coffee? covering college sporting events? working the copy desk for a newspaper? Nope. Not even close.

On Mother's Day, I just felt warm and fuzzy all day long. It's such an amazing feeling to be called a "mom," and I'm so proud to be in good company with all the "moms" that have shaped my life. We had a wonderful Mother's Day and celebrated by partaking in brunch at a fancy local restaurant. I was so anxious about how Maribelle would behave at a restaurant that doesn't even have highchairs, but she totally proved me wrong, as always, and was such a well-behaved little girl. She even flirted with the table next to us and scored an 18-month-old boyfriend (but Jeremy informed her that she's grounded). Jeremy gifted me with a stash of fun money to do some much-needed clothes shopping (thank you babe!!!), and Maribelle gave me the gift that keeps on giving, at least for a week or so: a cold.

This was her as we shopped for flowers before brunch -- not a happy camper, and pretty much how I feel right about now:

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emily bilbrey said...

omg, her smooshy pouty lips freaking KILL me! she is just lovely, mama! awesome post, it makes me SO happy to read about other moms she are thrilled with raising their babes. (-:

you're an ex-barista too? i've worked for tully's, starbucks & as a cafe manager at borders books. stay at home mothering is where it's at though. for dang sure!

love this, you guys are both so pretty & charming!