Sunday, April 5, 2009

In Full Bloom

Maribelle caught her first glimpses of D.C.'s infamous and beautiful Cherry Blossoms last week (and I seriously mean glimpses ... she slept the ENTIRE time we were there and just barely cracked her eyelids a few times). Since it was peak bloom time and a gorgeous day, the city was packed with people wanting to get their fill of the pale papery blossoms. The arrival of spring is probably my favorite time of year in the district -- and the only time when traffic seems a teensy bit more bearable -- as many of the streets come to life with all the pinks and whites of the Cherry Blossoms and the vibrant yellows of spring's first daffodils and forsythia. And I'm so glad we got to share it all with one of my oldest and bestest friends.

On a non-Cherry Blossom note, Maribelle had an appointment with a cardiologist last week to follow up on an echo cardiogram she had while in the NICU. The small hole (known as a VSD) that she had in the muscular part of her heart is already decreasing in size, so the doctor said that she doesn't need to see her for another year! We're so relieved. And, our little chubby cheekster now weighs 10 lbs, 9 oz! That means that all the relatives she will be meeting for the very first time during our upcoming Easter trip home will have all that much more to love!

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