Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Recap

We had a wonderful Easter in Ohio as Maribelle marked a number of firsts! She celebrated her first holiday, took her first extended car ride (about five hours each way), made her first appearance in church, wore her first frilly dress and met many, many friends and family for the first time. While Jeremy and I were worried about how she would acclimate and handle all the hustle and bustle, she was a pleasant little baby and either slept or smiled her way through most of the trip!

Looking all pretty in her Easter dress, a gift from Great Grandma Moorhead

The girls

Spending some quality time with Grandma Michelle

Surrounded by cousins and aunts

Four generations -- Me, Grandpa A., Great Grandma A. and Maribelle

Getting some lovin' from Aunt Myr ...

... and Grandpa A. and Grandpa M.

After a lovely getaway, Maribelle and I are back to our usual routine. I'm trying to enjoy every last minute of our days together since I go back to work in only a few short weeks. I hate thinking about all that I'm going to miss, especially since her personality is just starting to emerge. It's all the little moments, and all the BIG smiles, that just make my heart melt. Like yesterday when I put her in her jumperoo for the first time:

Sometimes it's hard to imagine life before Baby Belle! But it did exist, and today, Jeremy and I celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. This year we have so much to be grateful for!

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saradgoldberg said...

I think there may be an unwritten rule that first frilly dresses have to come from great grandmas. She looks pirceless in it!