Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Lately I've been getting a bit nostalgic and have been reminiscing about all the toys and activities that I enjoyed as a kid. I spotted a travel Lite-Brite kit at the store over the weekend and started thinking about the big, clumsy set that I had as a young'in. I remember getting such satisfaction from pushing the plastic, colored pegs through the black construction paper templates that would act as a sort of paint-by-number guide over top of the Lite-Brite screen. And I also remember how sore my fingers used to get from pulling out the pegs one by one, once my masterpiece was complete. Inevitably some of the pegs would get lodged in the screen and put up a mighty fight before coming loose, and my thumb and forefinger paid the price.

A few weeks back, I asked Jeremy if he ever played with Colorforms as a kid. With a blank stare, he confessed that he had no idea what I was talking about. So I told him all about the Smurfs Colorform set that I had as a kid and how I can still remember the vinyl smell of those static cling stickers. And to my surprise, one of my favorite blogs had this article on their site today about modern reusable sticker sets that are very reminiscent of Colorforms. I got way too excited about it and wasted plenty of time perusing the manufacturer's web site. I think this pirate set is too cute. Of course, these really aren't baby toys, so we've got a while before we can indulge in these sort of purchases for Baby M.

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