Friday, October 31, 2008

Kooky and Spooky

Happy Halloween!!

Since I'm not dressed as anything more than a pregnant publications manager today, I thought I'd share a picture of one of my favorite Halloween costumes. Yep, that's me with the inflatable bird on my head, and, just in case you're wondering, I was dressed as a Kooky Spook. I can't say I've worn all that many memorable Halloween costumes throughout the years, but really, when you've worn an inflatable bird on your head, there's not much out there that can top THAT! I'm pretty sure I saw pieces of the Kooky Spook costume in my parents' basement the last time I was home, so hopefully Baby M can sport this costume in the future.

Not much is new on the baby front. I'm experiencing all the hallmarks of pregnancy now ... backaches, indigestion, fatigue and some restless nights. Oh, and I'm starting to hate maternity clothes. They're frumpy, awkward and just plain old boring. But overall, I feel pretty good and have enjoyed being pregnant! The coolest part is knowing there's always someone with me, and Baby M reminds me of that these days with much stronger kicks and punches. Hopefully Jeremy will be able to feel Baby M one of these days!

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