Thursday, September 4, 2008

16 weeks

We had another doctor's checkup this week, which went just swimmingly. I've gained five pounds so far, and Baby M's heartbeat was going strong at around 160 bpm. We set up our next appointment, which will be the big sonogram, and we can't wait to see a little more of what's cookin' in there! (And yes, Dad, you'll get new pictures for your screensaver.) The doctor advised us not to look at the screen if we don't want to know the baby's sex, because sometimes the answer is literally just right there in front of your eyes! I'm totally fine with not looking, but Jeremy insists he's going to peek. I have four weeks to convince him otherwise :)

In other news, I've started feeling small baby movements this past week. To me, it feels like a little "tap, tap, tap" on my insides. Others have described it as a popcorn feeling, or like little bubbles popping. Either way, it's a pretty cool feeling.

Here's another belly shot, as the poopers watch on in the background. (Shhhh .... we still haven't told them about the B-A-B-Y yet.)


Anonymous said...

You look adorable!!! :)


Jodie said...

So exciting!

Sara said...

Excellent stuff. But I think your Dr. overestimates your ability to read a sonogram. Until they told me exactly what I was looking at I had no clue if I was looking at a foot or a spleen!