Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hippity Hoppity Happy Easter Day

I realize Easter was soooo a week ago, but someone (moi) left her camera at work for a week and couldn't access the photos that documented our joyous Easter visit to Ohio. But fear not, the photos follow! And there's actually a lot to document, so I hope you can keep up.

First, let's take a short jaunt to Pittsburgh, shall we? Both sets of grandparents graciously offered to watch the Little Belle while Jer and I made an overnight visit to one of our favorite cities. Back in the days when Jeremy and I were dating, we spent a lot of time in the good old Burgh and haven't been back for quite a while. So we took in the sights, had a delicious dinner and got our fill of Italian goods at the strip district. Well, maybe we didn't get our fill, because I wouldn't dare say I could ever get enough of anything Italian.

Now on to Easter. Basically Maribelle's Easter was dominated by two major activities, which she wanted to repeat over and over and over again: sitting on a porch swing with Grandpa A, and opening the musical Easter card that Grandma and Grandpa A. gave her.

Anytime Maribelle would go by my parents' front door, she insisted, with lots and lots of pointing and whining, that someone take her outside on the porch, and usually it was Grandpa who would happily oblige.

And the Easter card ... ohhhhh, the Easter card. My parents bought a recordable card and loaded it with the song that gets Maribelle groovin' like no other: Kid Rock's "All Summer Long," or rather, the opening of the song, which is actually Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London." It's my dad's ring tone on his phone, and yeah, she basically spins her head off whenever she hears it. A sample performance, if you will ...

Other Easter highlights included the most intense Easter egg hunt ever, in which Maribelle diligently fetched EVERY plastic egg and put it in her basket like it was her job, and an amazing Easter dinner cooked ENTIRELY by Jeremy himself. No joke, he prepared lamb, potatoes, asparagus soup, ham and other accoutrements for a dinner party of 18 and didn't even break a sweat. And everyone raved about his stellar performance. Top the holidays off with some quality family time with all of Maribelle's aunts, great aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents, and I would say we had an epic Easter.


Julie said...

It looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Please send Jeremy to my house next Easter!

emily bilbrey said...

so lovely! what a happy little lady you've got. this brought a big smile to my face! cheers!