Monday, January 25, 2010

My Girl Wants to Party All the Time

Now that Maribelle is back to her pre-double ear infection self, we're continuing the birthday celebrations around here. (And on a side note, she had to be prescribed a SECOND antibiotic when the first one just wasn't cutting it. And might I add that she is the best medicine-taker around?! Her pediatrician warned me that she might not like the chalky, gritty taste, but such is not the case with this little girl! She opens her mouth so wide when we come at her with the little medicine plunger!) Anyways, back to the birthday discussion ... She enjoyed a bit more birthday love this past weekend with lunch at my aunt and uncle's house, where she noshed on her first bites of brownies and ice cream and opened a few more presents. Of course, I forgot my camera, so no photos to share :(

However what I DO have to share should make up for it. Here's a first birthday video montage that Jeremy put together for the Little Belles. (Gotta love being married to a photojournalist!)

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Anonymous said...

hi gina! thanks for stopping by my blog! your little lady is simply adorable! congrats on having a lovely one-year-old. i can hardly believe that time is quickly approaching for me and the pop tart. so glad you commented! i'll be reading! ;D