Sunday, November 29, 2009


Maribelle's first visit with Santa:


Major fail, you might say. At least we didn't pay $20 for her to sit on some mall Santa's lap, only to be traumatized at the mere sight of him. This was a free Santa, so we had a laugh about the whole thing while she was in tears (is that bad?!). I tried to salvage the moment by jumping in the picture, but even that didn't help much.

Just so you don't think her entire day was ruined, here she is showing off one of her (many!) new tricks: giving kisses. They may be big, open-mouth, fish-like kisses, but they are super sweet nonetheless.

We spent most of the weekend consumed with Christmas preparations, mainly of the decorating kind. Our house is officially festive and bright, and I'm so excited to share my most favorite time of year with our Little Miss. And she'll be relieved to know we have no plans of subjecting her to another visit with Santa (at least for now).

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