Thursday, August 27, 2009

Besties ... Not Exactly

I think the poopers are slowly starting to warm up to Miss Maribelle, but they still have a long way to go in their baby-canine relationship. Both Manny and Olivia like to keep their space and don't completely trust the pooping, crying, squealing, attention-hogging load of a baby who all of a sudden showed up out of nowhere seven months ago and already has more toys than they do! (And they're not too happy that all those new toys are completely off limits!) Occasionally one of them will sit still long enough for Maribelle to get a quick pet/swipe/grab, but it's always a fleeting moment.

Manny still seems pretty bitter that Maribelle is a permanent fixture in our household, and he for the most part keeps to himself when she's around. Olivia, however, is much more interested in the baby and makes sure to say "hi" with a quick lick whenever she has the opportunity. And if Maribelle happens to fall asleep in her car seat, she'll sit there and whine at her until she wakes up. She also can't wait for the day that Maribelle can join in her favorite game of "go fetch." It's a daily occurrence that Olivia drops her favorite bright yellow ball near Maribelle in hopes that she's learned how to throw it. We've found the ball in Maribelle's car seat, in her swing, and even in her diaper (no, it's not what you think. Maribelle wasn't actually WEARING a diaper with a tennis ball in it). I know one day they'll all become best friends once Maribelle can chase them around the house and give them a nice strong tug by the tail, or ears.

I have to make a quick mention about the quilt that Maribelle is sitting on in these pics. We got a surprise gift from Camila, Clara and Cheena the other day, who pulled together their talents to make a beautiful quilt for Miss M. It's my favorite kind of gift (homemade!), and we know Maribelle will enjoy it for years to come!

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Mandy said...

the last one looks like she just got caught doing something naughty! cute pups, i always wanted chihuahuas.