Friday, June 19, 2009

Cutting Teeth

It's been confirmed ... Maribelle is cutting her first tooth! Poor girl ... we should have known with all the signs she's been giving us. Rash? Check! Fever?? Check! Fussy, irritable and not sleeping well??? Check, check and check! Plus she's been rubbing her right eye and face for the past few weeks, which now makes perfect sense since the tooth that is cutting through is one of her top-row canine teeth! The whole thing is a bit surprising to us and probably would have gone unnoticed had Maribelle's daycare provider not pointed it out to us. Not only is it somewhat early for teething (especially since Maribelle was born five weeks early), but also the first teeth to break through are usually one of the two bottom front teeth, followed by the two top front teeth. Leave it to Maribelle to cut a tooth that NORMALLY doesn't show up until a baby is 16 or 22 months old!! I think we're quickly learning that Maribelle's not interested in being among the "norm."

We don't have any pictures of the tooth yet, but here are some photos that Jeremy took of Maribelle earlier this week.

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curlykatrina1 said...

These photos are great! You can see more Moorhead in her - although she is for sure an Amero!! Happy first Father's Day Jer!!