Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baptism Day

Last weekend was an exciting one for Maribelle Rosie, who celebrated her baptism with some of our closest family and friends. Although Maribelle had a rough time sleeping and napping for most of the weekend, she conveniently fell asleep the minute we sat down for the baptism ceremony and did great throughout all five of the baptisms. Maribelle looked adorable in her dress, which Aunt Laura, her godmother, bought for her. Unfortunately, we didn't get any great photos of her entire dress! The photo below, taken during a last minute diaper change, is one of the best shots we have. I definitely think a professional photo shoot is in order.

Sporting her baptism dress and some bling

Baptized at St. Augustine's Church by Father Bowen

Godparents, Uncle Josh and Aunt Laura


Afterward we all went back to our house for lots of food, cake, punch and even a little Corn Hole. Maribelle got to spend some quality time with guests who traveled near and far to celebrate her baptism.

Uncle Josh and Aunt Misty flew in from Texas

Great Grandma A. came to visit from Cleveland

And cousins Maria and James came ALL the way from College Park, Maryland

Making the day even more special was the fact that it was also Mother's Day. Not only did we get to spend the day with our favorite moms, but I also got to mark my first time celebrating as a mom myself! Jeremy surprised me with a beautiful necklace that has my initial engraved on the front and Maribelle's initials engraved on the back. It's officially my favorite piece of jewelry, and something I hope to pass down to Maribelle one day.

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