Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Doggie Daycare

We've been interviewing potential daycare candidates these past few weeks, and judging by these pictures, it seems as if Manny and Olivia have decided to throw their hats (or should I say ears?!?) in the ring. Sometimes they watch over Maribelle like a hawk, and that's exactly the kind of care we're looking for! Luckily, we think we've found that and more in the provider that we've chosen for Maribelle. Yes, we FINALLY found daycare! It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders now that we've made some decisions about how I will be returning to work and who will be watching Maribelle while I'm there. While a big part of me wants to stay home and play mommy all day long, another part of me is excited about finding a balance between work and family and giving Maribelle the opportunity to learn from others. I've got one more month at home before I'm back in my office at the law school ... You better believe I'm going to soak up as much baby yummy-ness as I can before that day gets here!

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saradgoldberg said...

Hooray! I can't wait to hear the details. She's more adorable every day!