Wednesday, November 26, 2008

28 Week Progress

With only two and a half months to go, we're starting to make progress on many fronts. Here's where we stand on some baby-related responsibilities.

Baby M's Room - Our crib and crib mattress delivered last week! It's finally starting to look like a baby's room now that the baby actually has a place to sleep. The minute I saw the crib, I had to try out the baby bedding to get an idea of what the big picture is going to look like. Here's the crib and the unsheeted mattress, which still needs to drop down just slightly for the crib bumper to fit properly. So this isn't exactly how it's going to look, but you get the idea!

Also, Jeremy finished painting the dresser and switched out the hardware, but we're waiting to get the carpet cleaned before we officially move it into Baby M's room. The lighting in this picture is not ideal, so the color might look a little more intense than it does in person. He did such a great job!

And here's how the rest of the room is shaping up. Jeremy patched some holes this week, and I went out and bought curtains today. However, I'm not completely convinced that we'll keep the green curtains (hence the reason why they haven't been ironed). I'm thinking that once we move the dresser upstairs, there may be more green than this little room can handle!

Other Baby Items
- A coworker of mine gave me a swing for Baby M, one that she affectionately nicknamed the "crack swing" since her daughter loved it so much. It's been sitting in our dining room for about a week now, and I just love staring at it. It's so cute, and I'm so grateful for her thoughtfulness!

Monthly Checkup
- I had another monthly checkup this week, and I also had to take the routine glucose screening test. I had been dreading this test my entire pregnancy, just based on all the horror stories I've heard about how awful it can be. With visions of me vomiting and/or passing out, I had Jeremy come with me to the appointment, but luckily, I have nothing exciting to report! I just had to drink 10 ounces of a SUPER sugary cola/gatorade-like drink within a 5 minute period and have my blood drawn an hour later to check for the possibility of gestational diabetes. I haven't heard anything from the doctor yet, so I'm assuming no news is good news!

So now that I'm in the third trimester, I start seeing the doctor every two weeks! Baby M's heartbeat checked out just fine (in the 150s), and with mixed emotions I report that I've gained 21 pounds so far. Considering that I should have another 12 weeks to go, I can only imagine what my total weight gain will be. All the books say that most women gain about 35 pounds in a normal pregnancy, but I had convinced myself that I wouldn't be one of THOSE statistics. Nuh-uh, no way ... not even with all the cravings that I've been having for Hostess cupcakes, rootbeer floats and Oreo cheesecake. I never thought I would be in the norm and gain 35 pounds.

Unfortunately, it looks like I'm right on track. Oh well, I might as well embrace it. All the more reason to have seconds on Thanksgiving. Bring on the sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie!!

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