Friday, August 15, 2008

In Good Company

For the past couple of years, I've been creating this romantic, fanciful idea that when I eventually got pregnant, I would find out that one of my best friends and/or sisters was also growing a little pea in her pod (I know, the sister thing is a little far fetched, just based on our age differences. But maybe down the road??). And that together, we would share the ups and downs of pregnancy over cartons of ice cream, bags of potato chips and mounds and mounds of cake. We would sit and talk about our future children, complain about how uncomfortable we are and how fat we're getting, take childbirthing classes together and just plain old be there for one another. And then our children would grow up to become best friends, and the cycle would continue.

Although my fantasyland scenario hasn't quite come to fruition, there are in fact pregnant people all around me! I have recently learned of many friends who are also expecting, and at work alone, there are five pregnant women within the law school (one of whom is due only days before me). A few weeks ago, we also found out that our friends Brian and Ginger are expecting their second baby in March, which is also when one of my high school friends is expecting her second child. There are others that I've learned of, and it's just a nice feeling to know that there is indeed a small community of hormonal, pregnant people that I could turn to for a bit of understanding and reassurance.

And if all else fails, I always have my celebrity friends to turn to. Hollywood is just FILLED with baby bumps. If you're curious, just check out this link:

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curlykatrina1 said...

I think Gwen is part elephant! She has been carrying this child FOREVER!! Have the kid already!! :)